UPEOGAUnited People of Global Awareness




Welcome to the homepage of UPEOGA!  The global charity project for charitable purposes which creates a new interpersonal awareness for more beneficence between all people of the earth. Let's go with beneficence community 5.0!
UPEOGA - United People of Global Awareness

The goal of UPEOGA is a strong awareness for a living social global togetherness of all people on earth. UPEOGA stands for a powerful community which connects people seeking help with helping people from all over the world in a network. For this purpose, the latest and most intelligent technologies are used. Pre-financing is necessary so that the technologies can be further developed and used. Without these technologies, our progress in the fight against poverty will be very slow. That is why it is necessary for us to unite behind this project in order to take the decisive steps forward and gain speed. We must not dawdle, there are many people who will lose their lives if we do not act quickly. Support our heartfelt cause of helping others.


Without financial support, the project will not survive.
Please do not let down the people who live in desperate poverty.

As a global community, UPEOGA looks forward to people joining in and offering their assistance. Become part of a great team and get to know people from all regions of the earth.

Or help us with your money contribution for a world where all people on earth are treated with respect. Support UPEOGA. And hey, what can a single ant do? But what happens when suddenly a whole anthill stands up for its personal interests? You know what is meant.... Alone one is powerless and bows to the stronger one. Together we will create better living conditions on earth. Trust in your power.

UPEOGA_Flyer_v3.pdf (1.06MB)
UPEOGA_Flyer_v3.pdf (1.06MB)